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How to Choose Bathroom Tiles-A Complete Guide

One of the many choices you will have to make when remodelling or building a bathroom in your home is selecting the tiles which you anticipate will be the most pleasurable. They likely will be the first thing you notice because they set the tone for the finished space's overall appearance and feel.

Of course, the joy of finally selecting your tiles could abruptly give way to indecision due to the vast array of options. Is it better to have a darker tone or a lighter one? Small or large? glossy or matte? Smooth and modern or textured and organic?

It's enough to transform that happiness into stress and worry about making the right decisions. But tread this path one step at a time, and you are sure to be delighted for a long-time with your choices:

Choose the Right Material

For a sleek, opulent appearance, vitrified tiles provide a broader variety of hues and patterns. Some of the features which make vitrified tiles uniquely fit for bathroom floor include:


  • Resilience to water condensation (moisture buildup)

  • Resists pathogens and bacteria build-up (Germfree)

  • Easy to maintain

  • Wide range of design options

  • Quite affordable compared to other materials

Choose the Right Appearance

GVT tile collection includes high gloss, polished, satin matte, rocker and wood finishes. High gloss and satin matte tile finishes are widely used in home and commercial settings. Some of the most popular GVT tiles include:


  • Poplar Beige

  • Cementum Gris

  • Nice Pearl or White Pearl

  • Amazon Bottochino

Choose the Right Finish

  • Smooth Finishes

  • Marble Effect Tiles

  • Cement Tiles

  • Added Textures

Choose the Right Size

  • According to the Room

  • Shower Area

  • Wall Tile for Bathroom


Choose the Right Quantity (area & use of calculating):

  •  Outstanding Tile

  •  Comfort

  •  Layout of the Tiles

Bathroom flooring utilises perhaps the largest variety of tile options from mosaic to large and from digital print to natural hues. Be mindful of friction with the COF number. Tile manufacturers list the Coefficient of Friction (COF) ratings for each tile in their written and online material. Higher COF means better surface resistance.

Ceramic and vitrified tiles with a rating of 0.42 are the most popular and recommended for bathroom floors. Because of the excellent grip, and its seaming offers for both wet and dry feet, mosaic design tiles are frequently used for bathroom floors. These tiles replicate the complex mosaic tile designs effortlessly.