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Are 2X4 size tiles a good choice for your floors & walls?

When they say size matters.. They were surely talking about tiles that can make or break the way your space looks.


Lately, as tile designs have evolved and most people are choosing tiles over marble due to cost effectiveness, easy maintenance and sheer ease of availability, sizes in which tiles are available has also seen a surge.


600x1200mm or 2X4 as they are popularly known is a tile size that is trending across markets and for all spaces be it residential or commercial be it for your bathroom floors or livingroom floors. 


Let’s know why?


1. Less Grout, More Seamless


2X4 or 600x1200mm are a big block of rectangular tiles when installed together would need lesser grout compared to smaller size tiles. Less grout lines would make the entire space look more natural and spacious. 


2. Better Designs and Multiple Finishes and Mason’s First Choice, Logistically Practical:


Buying tiles of your choice is only half a battle won, but how the tile is going to come to you and then installed by the mason can make or break the look of your space. 


Imagine buying a tile that your mason may not be trained at installing, all the money, effort and time invested in buying the product goes in vain.


Since most masons are now recommending 600x1200mm size tiles, logistically they are trained and well-practiced at carrying this size even to the highest floors without a hassle and also understand the challenges around it.


Also, these tiles save a lot of mason’s time. The tiles aren’t too big that they need an additional hand nor too small to install lots of tiles to complete the room. Lesser tiles in a big size reduces the amount of effort that goes into preparing each tile.