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The Growing Dominance of Duplex Board Paper in the Global Packaging Market

Among the wide array of packaging materials available, duplex board paper has emerged as a highly popular choice due to its versatility, durability, and eco-friendliness. In this article, we will explore the duplex board paper market, its key characteristics, applications, and the factors contributing to its rising prominence in the global packaging industry.


Understanding Duplex Board Paper: Duplex board paper, also known as double-sided coated paperboard, is a type of multi-layered paperboard that comprises multiple layers of pulp, often with different properties, laminated together.


Key Characteristics and Advantages:


Printability: The smooth, coated surface of duplex board paper allows for high-quality printing results. This makes it a preferred choice for packaging where attractive graphics and branding are crucial.


Sustainability: With increasing awareness about environmental concerns, duplex board paper's eco-friendliness has become a key selling point. Most duplex board papers are made from recycled fibres or sustainably sourced raw materials, reducing their environmental impact.


Strength and Durability: Duplex board paper possesses remarkable strength and rigidity, making it capable of withstanding external pressures during storage, transportation, and handling. Its high strength-to-weight ratio ensures that it can protect the packaged goods effectively.


Versatility: Duplex board paper comes in various grades and thicknesses, making it adaptable to different packaging requirements. It is available in both grey back and white back variants, catering to diverse market needs.