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What is Duplex Board and what are its uses?

Duplex board is similar to paper board or cardboard. It is strong and thin and has a good appearance than cardboard. Duplex board can be manufactured with a smooth and glossy look as well as they can also be rough and un-bright in texture according to your needs. The most common types of duplex board papers are white-back duplex boardsgrey-back duplex boardskraft papersuncoated duplex boards, and coated duplex boards.


White-back duplex board paper – The surfaces on both sides of white-back duplex board papers are smooth and polished with a glossy look. These type of duplex boards are made with high-grade pulp and are used for packaging of delicate items like branded garments, watches, gifts, greeting cards, etc.


Grey-back duplex board paper – One side surface of grey-back duplex board papers is made with the virgin pulp of superior quality. The other surface is made with grey recycled paper of lower grade. Grey-back duplex board papers are used for the packaging of commercial items like food containers, corrugated boxes, articles packaging boxes, etc.


Coated duplex board paper – In this type of duplex board, the surfaces are coated with fine finishing to make them resistant to water, oil, and moisture. This also helps in extending the life of the duplex paper board. Coated duplex board papers are used in packaging of sweet boxes, agarbatti boxes, liquor boxes, perfume boxes, etc.


Uncoated duplex board paper – This type of paper is uncoated with average finishing. It is used in the packaging of less fancy items like footwear boxes, garments, and packaging of other material that is strong in nature.


Kraft Paper – Kraft paper is a thin duplex board paper with lower weight and mass. It is used for making fruit trays, garment inserts, chocolate wrapping, paper plates, paper cups, etc.